Liberal Arts Degrees

A lucrative degree in the humanities can offer a variety of career training options depending on your field of interest. Although it’s probable to earn degrees in the humanities, which provides a general idea of various disciplines, the majority of students choose to focus on precise fields of interest such as:

• Classical Studies: Ancient Greek and Roman visual and performing arts, literature, and culture
• Language and Literature: Languages, classics, comparative literature, writing, and rhetoric
• Linguistic Studies: Linguistics, translation, and interpretation
• Philosophy and Ethics: Philosophical writing from ancient to contemporary time, philosophical disciplines
• Religious Studies: Pastoral ministry and counseling, history of religion, theology
• Performing Arts: theatre, arts, music, drama and plays
• Visual Arts: painting, drawing, sculpting, working in studios
• Art History: a perfect degree for those who are interested in studying the history of art, or become an art history teacher

A degree in liberal arts holds a broad assortment of humanities courses that supply a well-rounded foundation and preview into arts, literature, and cultural phenomena all through the world from history to present days. If you haven’t chosen a career training path, studying the humanities can provide an appreciation and great services for society. Studying the humanities can also bring in new career options for you to choose from.

A basic knowledge in the humanities can lead to modern day jobs in art direction, entertainment, multimedia, art, design, and so much more. Advancing technology and applications for visual arts create career opportunities for video designers, game development, media design, etc. Although you may have natural talent, many employers favor some formal career training with a minimum of an associate’s degree in fields like visual arts, communications, or computerized design.

Like I said earlier, if you are unsure of what career path you want to take, consider liberal arts. You will have the knowledge and basis to be able to tackle on almost any field of interest you want.

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